Grasse - perfume capital

There is no need to present the French Riviera. This stretch of land in the south of France is of world renown, cherished by those who live there, enjoyed by visitors, admired from afar. Its exceptional geography, its rich culture and history, have made the Côte d'Azur a hub of the tourist industry.
Grasse benefits from a microclimate which means that summer almost never stops all year round!

Grasse capitale des parfums

Fragonard parfumerie

Traditional perfume-making is one of the most prestigious industries in France and Grasse is its capital.
Heir to the tannery industry, the manufacture of fragrances emerged as an industry in its own right in the XVII century and has flourished ever since.
The idyllic town of Grasse remains the symbol of French excellence in the art of scents and sensibility.

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